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Sensiblex Veyx

Sensiblex Veyx – a drug in the form of an injection solution
designed to regulate the birth process in cows (with insufficient opening
or narrowness of the cervix, with an incorrect fetal position, to activate
interrupted labor with weak function of the birth canal caused by uterine hypotension, to
limit the risk of damage to the birth canal, as well as fetotomy). In case
of fetotomy, additional epidural anesthesia is required.
Sensiblex® Veix as an active ingredient contains denaverine
hydrochloride (40.0 mg/cm3), which is an antispasmodic agent.
It has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles of the cervix and
helps to increase the elasticity of the birth canal. In addition, denaverine
hydrochloride has anesthetic, mild tranquilizing and antipyretic
effects. Muscle relaxation lasts up to several hours, and the analgesic
effect lasts no more than 90 minutes. The greatest pharmacological effect is observed when
it is used at the end of the opening phase of the birth canal.

Application: intramuscularly or subcutaneously in doses:

  • primary heifers 5.0 – 10.0 cm3/head (200 – 400 mg/head by DV);
  • cow of the second calving and older – 10.0 cm3/head (400 mg/head on TV);
  • The effect of the drug Sensiblex® Wakes begins 5-10 minutes after administration and
    fully manifests itself in the next 10 minutes. If necessary, injection
    Sensiblex® Vakes can be repeated after 40-60 minutes at the same dose.

    Packaging: 50 ml bottles.

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