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Gonavet Veyx

Gonavet Veyx – a medicinal product in the form of an injection solution
designed to regulate reproductive functions in farm
animals. 2. Gonavet Vakes® contains synthetic
an analogue of the hypothalamic releasing hormone gonadoliberin[6-D-E] acetate, in
an amount of 0.0524 mg/cm3, which causes mainly the secretion of luteinizing
hormone (LH) from the adenohypophysis. Luteinizing hormone (LH) is involved in the development and
ovulation of follicles in the ovaries of female farm animals.

Application: intramuscularly in doses:

  • to induce ovulation in case of its delay due to deficiency
    luteinizing hormone (LH) at a dose of 2.0 cm3 /head (0.105 mg per DV) 2 hours before
    artificial insemination and 2 hours after it;
  • to synchronize ovulation after synchronization of hunting at a dose of 1.0 cm3/head
    (0.0525 mg by DV);
  • to stimulate ovarian function in the postpartum period at a dose of 1.0 cm3/head (
    0.0525 mg per DV) on the 12th day after delivery,
  • for the treatment of ovarian (follicular) cysts at a dose of 2.0 cm3 /head (0.105 mg per
  • Packaging: 50 ml vials.

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