Reanium VSP

Reanium VSP

Reanium VSP is a new generation nucleotide drug.
The composition of Reanium WSP includes free nucleotides, vitamins and
trace elements. The unique ratios of the various components of the drug have been scientifically
verified taking into account situational needs. Reanium VSP is highly soluble in water,
withstands temperature effects up to 95 ° C.
Reanium VSP is a highly functional feed additive with a wide range
of biological activity. It contains free nucleotides as an active substance
. Nucleotides are the building blocks for DNA and RNA, they can be found in all
These types of tissues are involved in all metabolic processes, from protein synthesis and
cell division to energy metabolism, the functioning of the immune system, help
to transmit signals to cells and acting as cofactors of enzymes. Nucleotides
consist of nitrogenous bases, pentose (ribose or deoxyribose) and
a phosphoric acid residue. The process of endogenous nucleotide synthesis is energy-intensive and its volume is
limited, an example of this is the intense synthesis of nucleotides in the intestinal mucosa
of young animals. The product has a membrane stabilizing, antitoxic effect,
antianemic, regenerating, anti-stress effects. It stimulates
leukopoiesis and anti-infective resistance of the body by stimulating
energy metabolism in the cells of the macrophage system. Reanium replenishes
the missing intake of nucleotides into the body under stressful and unfavorable
conditions of detention, which stimulates the productivity of animals.

Reanium features:

  • develops histomorphological adaptation of the intestine to new
    feeding conditions;
  • Improves reproductive performance;
  • accelerates body weight gain;
  • stimulates the development of intestinal immunity;
  • reduces fetal mortality;
  • reduces the number of postpartum complications;
  • stimulates the growth of calves and reduces the frequency of diarrhea;
  • optimizes the production of sex hormones;
  • improves the quality of meat and milk;
  • reduces the frequency and severity of bacterial and fungal diseases;
  • increases the total number of bacteria and reduces the concentration of protozoa in
    the scar fluid.

Input standards: for calves with water, milk or ZCM – 400 g/t of water;

Packaging: plastic containers of 0.1 kg, 0.4 kg and 1 kg. Bags of 20 kg.

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