Bredol® — Emulsifier for effective feed production of granular feed

The concept provides greater flexibility in the selection of liquids and raw materials in feed production. The result is higher productivity with less resistance and energy consumption during pelletizing.

Fat, water and other ingredients form a homogeneous mixture that is evenly distributed and absorbed into the feed mixture, which ensures easy production of feed. Products with high viscosity, such as molasses and glycerin, become easier to use. Micro ingredients are better distributed, dissolved and absorbed.

The use of liquid ingredients is greatly simplified when using bredol® emulsifier (Bredol). In practice, the use of an emulsifier can occur by direct addition or through a liquid mixer.

  • Achieving economic benefits in the production of granular feed
  • Reducing energy consumption and increasing production
  • Lightweight pelletizing process at any temperature
  • Adjusted strength of granules, gelatinization of starch and reduction of fine fractions
  • Uniform distribution of nutrients
  • Improved stability of the moisture level due to encapsulation

Input rate: 500 g/ton of feed

Packaging: 1 000 l IBC containers

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