Monocalcium phosphate

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Monocalcium phosphate

Monocalcium phosphate – Ca(H2PO4)2 – contains 22 % phosphorus and 16 % calcium.

Feed additive for enrichment and balancing of diets of farm animals on phosphorus and calcium. The introduction of feed phosphates in the diet allows to avoid diseases associated with the lack of these macronutrients, to ensure proper metabolism in the body, and consequently, the effective functioning of the immune and reproductive systems.

Phosphorus-calcium feed additive, which has about 100% water-soluble phosphorus, is effective for all kinds of animals. The effectiveness of the use of monocalcium phosphate in animal husbandry is explained by the fact that phosphorus of inorganic origin is absorbed by animals as well as organic. The use of feed phosphates increases the usefulness of feeding animals and poultry, increases their productivity (daily weight gain, meat quality, milk yield). Calcium and phosphorus play a huge role in the life of animals and birds.

It is a white or grayish powder consisting of small granules, easily soluble in water.

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