Complex of protected BalanGut acids (mono-, di- and triglycerides of fatty acids) from BASF, designed for:

– To stimulate the development, support the health and rapid recovery of the intestines of the animal due to the effective supply of the intestinal epithelium with butyric acid (available at a dosage of 0.3 kg / t and above).

– To ensure the sanitation of the animal’s intestines from a fairly wide range of pathogenic microflora, such as salmonella, escherichia, clostridium, etc., and restore the normal balance of microflora (available at a dosage of 1 kg/t and above).

– For use within the framework of the concept of partial or complete rejection of the use of antibacterial drugs  in animal rearing (available at dosages of 2 kg/ t and above).

The drug is fully compatible with any veterinary drugs and feed additives, has a synergistic effect with them, weakening the protection of bacteria – mono-di-triglycerides of fatty acids in the composition of BalanGut make it much more vulnerable even to small dosages of products used at the enterprise as animal treatment.

The drug is thermostable.

Release form and packaging:  powder in bags of 25 kg, liquid in cans of 20 liters and IBC containers of 1000 liters.

Manufacturer: SILO S.p.A., Italy

Expiration date: 24 months from the date of manufacture

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