ToxiNon ®

ToxiNon ®

ToxiNon ® is a mineral adsorbent of mycotoxins that has selective sorption and does not bind nutrients and trace elements.

It acts against a wide range of mycotoxins. Sorption capacity for aflatoxin B1 – not less than 98%; ochratoxin A – not less than 98%; zearalenone – not less than 80%, fumonisin – not less than 62%, T-2 toxin – not less than 45%.

Toxinon ® is a highly effective mineral adsorbent of mycotoxins, characterized by high stability under various pH conditions and heat treatment.

ToxiNon ® is distinguished by high efficiency with a small input rate. It binds and removes a wide range of mycotoxins from the body of animals and birds.

Its use helps to improve digestion and mineralization of feed.

ToxiNon ® prevents toxicosis, reduces morbidity, improves production performance. Compatible with all feed ingredients, medicines and other feed additives. It also adsorbs bacteria, viruses and endotoxins.

nput rate: 0.5-2.5 kg / ton of compound feed or 20 g / head / day preventive dosage, therapeutic dosage 40 g / head / day

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