Sanoril GEL A

Sanoril GEL A

Liquid acid foam detergent is designed to remove protein, fat, mineral and glandular deposits from technological and food equipment. The tool is used with water of any degree of hardness. The product does not contain silicates. Working solutions do not damage high-quality steel equipment, rubber, can be used to process parts from aluminum and plastics.

Density: 1.05

Color: Colorless

Consistency: Liquid

Hydrogen indicator: 2.0


Instructions for use:

The product is used by irrigation, soaking, manual and automatic washing, or by foam treatment using foam generators, foam stations. For foam generators, a working solution with a concentration of 2-5% should be used.

For manual washing, use a working solution with a concentration of 2-3%, depending on the degree of contamination of the surface.

Soak on a contaminated surface for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with cold water.



Organic and inorganic acids, nonionic surfactants, wetting and enhancing additives.



Store closed at temperatures from + 1 ° C to + 30 ° C.


Shelf life:

2 years subject to storage conditions in the unopened packaging of the manufacturer.

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