Clearan DEZ OXY

Clearan DEZ OXY

Broad-spectrum disinfectant for the food industry.

Scope: Disinfection of external surfaces at the enterprises of the food processing industry. Used to reduce bacterial contamination of poultry carcasses.

Density: 1.18

Color: Colorless

Consistency: Liquid

Hydrogen indicator: 1.5 – 3.5


Instructions for use:

  1. For external disinfection of technological equipment, use at a concentration of 0.2-0.5% by spray or soaking.
  2. To reduce the bacterial contamination of poultry carcasses, use a working solution in a concentration of 0.2-0.5%.
  3. The product is effective in ice water at a temperature of 0 ° C to +30 C. Eliminates unpleasant odors.



Hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid -15%, acetic acid, water, stabilizers.



Store in original closed packaging in covered rooms or in the open air, avoiding direct sunlight, separately from food, medicines, feed, etc.

Storage temperature from 0 ° С to + 20 ° С.


Shelf life:

12 months subject to storage conditions in the unopened packaging of the manufacturer.

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