Clearan HOOF 4

Clearan HOOF 4

Highly effective antiseptic for hoof treatment. Highly concentrated fluid provides economical flow. The product has a green color, it is clearly visible in the bath for processing hooves. Thanks to the liquid formula of the product, the solution is easy to use and dose.

Density: 1.015

Color: Blue Green

Consistency: Thick liquid

Hydrogen indicator: 2.0 – 2.5


Instructions for use:

It is used in the form of a 1% solution of hoof baths for the prevention of hoof rot.

For steam generators: use a working solution with a concentration of 1 to 5%



mixture HOUR (Quaternary ammonium salts)

inorganic acids

copper alcohol

ethylene glycol



Store in original closed packaging in covered rooms or in the open air, avoiding direct sunlight, separately from food, medicines, feed, etc. Storage temperature from 0 ° C to plus 30 ° C.


Shelf life:

24 months subject to storage conditions in the unopened packaging of the manufacturer.

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