Sanoril DIP I

Sanoril DIP I

A concentrated liquid based on the high-polymer complex of iodine for processing the nipples of the udder after milking, has a disinfecting and emollient effect. The product forms an active protective film, preventing the penetration of pathogenic bacteria into the nipple canal.

Density: 1.0

Brown color

Consistency: Gel

Hydrogen indicator: 5.2 – 6.2


Instructions for use:

The product is used without dilution with water by dipping.



Optimized mixture of glycerin, iodine complex and emollients. Iodine Content: 2500ppm



Store in original closed packaging in covered rooms or in the open air, avoiding direct sunlight, separately from food, medicines, feed, etc.

Storage temperature from 0 ° C to plus 30 ° C.


Shelf life:

24 months subject to storage conditions in the unopened packaging of the manufacturer.

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