Sanoril DIP M

Sanoril DIP M

The film-forming agent is used for external hygiene of the udder of cattle and the prevention of mastitis diseases in livestock and dairy farms. The product is in finished form, does not require dilution.

Density: 1.02

Green colour

Consistency: Gel

Hydrogen indicator: 2.9 – 3.3


Instructions for use:

Ready-to-use product is applied using a special glass immediately after milking. Provides reliable protection of the skin of the nipple from infection and contamination. It has an excellent moisturizing effect, forms a visible protection of the nipple until the next milking. It is clearly visible on the skin of the nipple until the next milking.



Glycerin, lanolin, allantoin, lactic acid, antibacterial component, dye.



Store closed at temperatures from + 1 ° C to + 20 ° C


Shelf life:

24 months subject to storage conditions in the unopened packaging of the manufacturer.

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