SelenoKey is organic selenium obtained from yeasts. The active component of selenium yeasts is selenomethionine, an amino acid synthesized from Saccharomyces cerevisiae grown on a medium enriched with selenium. Organic selenium accumulates in the flesh of animals, i.e., in muscles, eggs, etc.

Organic selenium reduces the threat of soil and water contamination through the feces. As an organic source, it is much easier to be absorbed and improves metabolism, which supports all the functions of the animal’s body.

  • High level of selenomethionine
  • Low level of contamination compared with undetermined organic or inorganic selenium
  • High level of bioavailability
  • SelenoKey consists of 100% selenomethionine and contains negligible amounts of selenocystine compared with other preparations of selenium group.


Dairy cattle: 1.5-2 g per animal

Young cattle up to 6 months: 50-100 mg per animal

Beef cattle: 50-100 mg

Packaging: 25 kg bags

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