Maxisorb ®

Maxisorb ®

Thanks to its innovative formula, Maxisorb® prevents the absorption of endo-, mycotoxins, and levels technological stresses. Sorption capacity for aflatoxin B1 – not less than 95%; ochratoxin A – not less than 90%; zearalenone – not less than 70%, fumonisin – not less than 72.1%, T-2 toxin – not less than 61%, DON – not less than 69%.

Maxisorb® binds mycotoxins without interacting with nutrients, including vitamins and mineral elements, even in case of prolonged use.

It is recommended for farm animals and poultry, both for the treatment and prevention of mycotoxicosis.

  • Increases the nutritional value of feed, preventing poisoning;
  • It is an additional source of micro-, macroelements and other feed components;
  • Improves the digestibility of feed nutrients and their digestibility;
  • It has hepatoprotective properties, increases productivity;
  • Maxisorb® is highly stable under various pH conditions and heat treatment.

Input rate: 0.5 – 2.5 kg per 1 ton of compound feed or 10 g / head / day preventive dosage, therapeutic dosage – 40 g / head / day

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