Glycerol is used to synthesize glucose for immediate energy in the animal body increases the content of glucose in the blood, normalizes energy balance. As a result, the concentration of ketone bodies in the blood decreases, thereby restraining the development of the “fatty liver” syndrome, preventing the occurrence of ketosis. There is no shortage of energy. In the process of feeding glycerol may be mixed with the main feed, or give in pure form.

  • The most affordable power engineer in terms of energy unit
  • Specially selected and tested for animal feeding
  • Converts to glucose and provides energy for cellular metabolism
  • Effectively absorbed into the intestines of animals
  • Highly soluble in water
  • Sweet taste increases feed intake

Rate of administration:

3 weeks before calving 150 g / head / day

2 weeks before calving up to 300 g / head / day

after calving up to 500 g / head / day from 14 to 100 days

Packing: plastic IBC cube at 1300 kg

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