NitroShure is encapsulated (protected) urea with nitrogen content of no less than 40%. Urea as a feed additive is widely used for providing rumen microflora with nitrogen.

New patented technology allows to control the release of nitrogen in the rumen for a long time. As a result, nitrogen is released in optimal proportion with carbohydrates, which promotes efficient synthesis of amino acids by rumen microflora and improves providing of rumen microorganisms with nutrients. This effective product protected from decomposition in the rumen performs important functions: it is stable in handling and mixing with feed, in particular during the cold season at subzero temperatures, and bioavailable (easily digested by animals). NitroShure maximizes protein synthesis by microorganisms and improves the absorption of fat. This allows the animals to get more energy from the feed, which, respectively, increases milk yields and improves milk quality.

  • Improves and maintains high milk yields
  • Increases the fat content of milk
  • Increases the potential of using of feed
  • Allows to reduce the amount of added protein with the same rates of productivity and quality of milk
  • Optimizes rumen functions
  • Allows to enrich the feed with higher content of fiber and energy sources
  • Reduces the cost of feed:
    -the total costs or daily costs per animal

-the production cost of feed

  • Creates a diet that increases productivity and efficiency

Dose: 50-200 g per animal daily

Packaging: 25 kg bags

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