Energy Top

Energy Top

Energy Top is a glucogenic energy source. It is used to improve metabolism, optimize the utilization of fat resources and maintain the water and ion balance in the body cells, which reduces the need for energy, and promotes the production of acetic acid in the rumen.

Ketosis is one of the major diseases of cows before calving and in early lactation, which leads to obesity and cows gluconeogenic deficiency. The cow’s energy needs are markedly increased in the last three weeks before calving. This is due to the rapid intrauterine fetal growth and preparation for the production of colostrum. At the same time, food intake reduces by an average of 30%. Internal reserves of the cows are used to cover the growing energy needs. The result is the formation of ketone bodies. If the lack of energy is not replenished, it reduces the concentration of glucose in blood plasma, and fat accumulates in the liver. The concentration of ketone bodies in the blood and urine increases. This leads to the placental retention, postpartum paresis, mastitis, metritis and other diseases. Ketosis is also accompanied by a rapid weight loss and significant reduction in milk production. Energy Top contains high-energy elements that support the energy balance of the animal, preventing disease and maintaining a high level of productivity in cows during the milking period.

  • Prevents ketosis in dairy cows
  • Readily available source of glucogenic energy
  • Preserves the gustatory qualities of feed, prevents self-warming
  • Reduces the impact of heat stress
  • Increases milk yields
  • Increases fat content in milk
  • Increases feed intake


Transit and dry period – 200-250 g per animal daily, individually

Cows in early lactation: 250-300 g per animal daily, individually

High yielding cows: 200-250 g per animal daily, individually

Packaging: 1,000 l plastic containers

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