EcoTrace Cu

EcoTrace Cu

EcoTrace Cu is used for the enrichment and balancing of diets for farm animals and poultry in terms of copper content. For the treatment of microelementosis associated with copper deficiency. In the event of occurence of clinical signs observed in copper deficiency in the diet, such as gastrointestinal tract disorders, especially in pregnant animals (profuse diarrhea, loss of appetite, emaciation, osteomalacia, anemia), impaired reproduction function in cows manifesting in poor coming in heat, abortion, or birth of weak offspring.

In poultry, copper deficiency manifests in the delayed plumage maturation, impaired embryonic development, and reduced egg production. Additional introduction of an organic copper source in the diet of poultry causes a visible growth effect.

  • This feed additive is completely soluble in water.
  • EcoTrace Cu serves as a source of copper for all breeds of farm animals and poultry.
  • Maximum utilization by the organism due to its high bioavailability.
  • Unlike inorganic sources of copper, it does not form insoluble compounds in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • EcoTrace Cu is absorbed to the same extent as amino acids.
  • Due to the specifics of their molecular structure, EcoTrace glycinates are not aggressive to vitamins and other mixed feed components.
  • Addition of EcoTrace Cu to the feed allows to completely exclude from the diet inorganic sources of copper and to reduce the amount of added inorganic zinc source. This is due to the fact that copper and zinc are antagonists.

Dose: In the dry period and in the first 100 days of lactation, in combination with inorganic sources – 100 mg per animal daily

Packaging: 25 kg bags

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