Biosprint is a microbial preparation containing living yeast culture Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Biosprint is a natural and effective way to correct the deficiencies of feeding high yielding cows and cows with average milk yields. In the rumen, yeasts consume oxygen and thus create an anaerobic environment, which promotes the development of beneficial microflora. Additionally, probiotic yeasts produce enzymes that break down nutrients contained in the feeds, including cellulose. The sequential and rapid fermentation of crude fiber increases the production of bacterial protein and the formation of free fatty acids (an energy source for the organism), and reduces the content of ammonia in the rumen, since it is expended on the formation of bacterial protein.

The activity of probiotic yeasts in the rumen of ruminants reduces the formation of lactic acid, which allows to control the level of acidity in the rumen. Ultimately, the effect of yeasts on fermentation in the rumen is beneficial for the cow’s health, enhances milk yields and milk quality indicators. The complex effect of the preparation on the rumen microflora increases the animal’s productivity figures.

  • Improved digestion of fiber and nutrients
  • Prevention of acidosis and displacement of rennet in dairy cows
  • Stabilization of the rumen pH
  • Positive effect on the rumen microflora
  • Increased generation of protein by the microorganisms in the rumen
  • Improved eatability of feeds
  • Improved quality of milk and increased average daily milk yields by an average of 2 kg
  • Increased daily weight gain during fattening by an average of 9%
  • Improved quality of meat
  • Improved health and reproduction status

Dose: 2-5 g per animal daily

Packaging: 15 kg bags

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