Bredol® — Emulsifier for effective feed production of granular feed The concept provides greater flexibility in the selection of liquids and raw materials in feed production. The result is higher productivity with less resistance and energy consumption during pelletizing. Fat, water and other ingredients form a homogeneous mixture that is evenly distributed and absorbed into […]

BioPlus® YC 50

A complex probiotic (B. Subtilis + B. Lichineformis) for all breeds of animals and poultry. It has an enzyme and antimicrobial effect. Prevention and treatment of dysbiosis and clostridiosis. Increases digestibility of nutrients and productivity. Highly concentrated BioPlyus YC 50 was created specifically for premix and feed plants. It is a live spore culture, specifically […]

Biased Ultra

Complex feed acidifier with antibacterial effect . Composed of: formic, propionic, lactic acid, ammonium formate, ammonium propionate, vermiculite and diatomite Biased Ultra has a beneficial effect on the microflora, and works synergistically with probiotics. Therefore, it is recommended to combine this product with probiotics. Formic acid and its ammonium formate salt provide antibacterial effect when […]

Hepatron 85 %

Hepatron 85 % – used as an effective replacement of methionine and choline. Nitrogen compound of plant origin. Activates lipid metabolism in the liver. Normalizes the level of triglycerides in the blood, participates in metabolic processes, promotes energy production. Betaine is an excellent hepatoprotector and is included in the group of lipotropic substances that prevent […]

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