Novasil Plus

Novasil Plus

Novasil™ Plus – the platinum standard of mycotoxin binders. Natural smectite clay rich in calcium montmorillonite

  • Minimizes the adverse effects of mycotoxins on animals and poultry;
  • Binds mycotoxins during digestion and converts them so that they cannot be absorbed by animals and poultry;
  • Stable in the feed;
  • Does not bind nutrients and has no negative impact on the productivity and health of animals and poultry;
  • The most studied and researched drug in the world: more than 60 scientific publications, as well as in vitro and in vivo studies.

Level of mycotoxin adsorption                   %

DON                                      45,00
Zearalenone                        45,00
Aflatoxin                              98,00
Fumonisin                           88,00

Manufacturer:  BASF, Germany
Appearance:    Grey powder
Shelf life: 36 months from production date
Storage conditions: In a dry place at from -5°С to +40°С
Packaging: 25 kg paper bags

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