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Luminase 5500 ХР

Luminase 5500 ХР is a feed additive for improving the digestibility of feeds and increasing the productivity of poultry and pigs. It is a Multi-enzyme complex developed by a leader of Indian microbiological industry.

Contains a large number of enzymes: Xylanase, Amylase, Cellulase, Phytase, β-Glucanase, Mannanase, Protease and Pectinase, which improve the digestibility of feeds, the digestibility of nutrients in diets, add energy in diets, improve the eating qualities and palatability of feeds. The use of enzy

  • high enzyme content
  • multiple xylanases acting on both types of arabinoxylans – soluble and insoluble
  • multiple proteases – exogenous and endogenous, which allows the use of a wide range of protein sources of plant and animal origin
  • multiple amylases are effective against different starches
  • enrichment of diets due to greater digestibility of nutrients
  • allows to reduce the cost of feed due to a higher intake percentage
  • effective at different pH levels
  • thermostable at high temperatures


1 g of feed additive contains the following enzymes:

Cellulase – 1200000 U/g

Amylase – 120000 U/g

Xylanase – 30000 U/g

β-Glucanase – 12000 U/g

Phytase – 10000 U/g

Protease – 1400 U/g

Mannanase – 1300 U/g  

Pectinase – 150 U/g


Input Rate: 50-75 g per ton of feed

Manufacturer: Lumis Biotech Pvt. Ltd, India

Product form: white-light-brown powder

Packing: 25 kg bags

Expiration date: 12 months from the date of manufacture

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