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Lupro-Mix NC

In challenging ensiling conditions (high protein / low sugar content, dry matter content of less than 30% or more than 40%, insufficient compaction) the use of chemical preservatives produces guaranteed effect. Silage additives of this type alter the environment itself and create conditions for lactic acid fermentation. Chemical preservatives can quickly reduce the pH, thus creating favorable conditions for lactic acid fermentation.

The use of chemical preservatives is a “lifeline” giving the opportunity to produce high-quality feed in challenging conditions or to correct the errors made during ensiling.

In the process of silage we often have to deal with compaction errors. The top and side layers of silage pits and mounds are subject to damage, as in these hard-to-reach parts it is difficult to create sufficient pressure. The increasing temperature of the silage results in considerable loss of energy and nutritional value, as well as feed spoilage.

Lupro-Mix NC is used under difficult ensiling conditions, as well as for the treatment of top and side layers of silage pits and mounds. Formic acid, propionic acid and their salts have a strong fungicidal and bactericidal effect: they inhibit the growth of fungi, yeasts and pathogenic bacteria, and change the pH level to 4.2-4.8, which is a major factor in suppressing unwanted microbiological processes. Lupro-Mix NC improves the taste and the nutritional quality of feeds, and, as a result, increased productivity and livability of animals.

Propionic acid: 38 %
Formic acid: 34 %
Ammonia: 8 %
Water: to 100%
For silage or haylage, depending on the crop and moisture content of the ensiled material: 3-5 l/ton of silage
BASF, Germany
1,000 l IBC

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