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The harvested grain with high moisture content must undergo final drying, otherwise the processes of self-warming and growth of molds will begin very soon. While the investments in equipment for drying of grain are quite high, BASF offers an alternative grain storage technology that does not require significant financial investments. According to this storage technology, Lupro-Grain (a liquid product based on propionic acid) is applied to grain through the nozzles in the grain auger conveyor.

Propionic acid is a natural substance. The rumen of ruminants produces up to 1800 ml of propionic acid daily; about 1% of propionic acid is contained in Swiss cheese. The technology proposed by BASF utilizes the natural capacity of propionic acid to block the development of fungi and molds, as well as to stop the enzyme activity of grain. As a result, the grain processed with Lupro-Grain, with moisture level of up to 38%, can be stored for long periods without the need for prior drying.

Pure acids are rather aggressive for people and technology. Lupro-Grain is a specially prepared (buffered) user-friendly acid product. The grain correctly processed with Lupro-Grain does not glue or form lumps and retains its flowability. Therefore, it can be poured into storage in the same way as the dried grain.

Lupro-Grain added to animal feed improves the flavor properties and flowability of feed. Considering this, it can be poured into the storage in the same way as the dried grain.

Propionic acid and its salts thanks to its antimicrobial properties, the additive prevents the loss of nutrients and the formation of mycotoxins, thereby increasing the productivity and livability of animals.

Propionic acid: min. 90 %
Formulatory agents:
Ammonia: 4 %
1,2- propanediol: 4%
Water: 2%

Dose: To be calculated with regard to grain moisture content and the respective storage time
Manufacturer: BASF, Germany
Packaging: 1,000 l IBC

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