EcoTrace Mn

EcoTrace Mn

EcoTrace Mn is used for the enrichment and balancing of diets for farm animals and poultry in terms of manganese content, and for the treatment of microelementosis associated with manganese deficiency.

Deficiency of manganese in the diet results in the following clinical signs in chickens: bone changes(thickening and changing shape of the tubular bones, relaxation of ligaments, swollen joints), and reduced growth rate.

  • This feed additive is completely soluble in water.
  • EcoTrace Mn serves as a source of manganese for all breeds of farm animals and poultry.
  • Maximum utilization by the organism due to its high bioavailability.
  • Unlike inorganic sources of manganese, it does not form insoluble compounds in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • EcoTrace Mn is absorbed to the same extent as amino acids.
  • Addition of EcoTrace Cu to the feed allows to completely exclude from the diet inorganic sources of copper and to reduce the amount of added inorganic zinc source. This is due to the fact that copper and zinc are antagonists.

Packaging: 25 kg bags

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