Lupro-Mix NC

Lupro-Mix NC

Lupro-Mix NC is used to lower the level of pathogenic microorganisms in drinking water and feeds for poultry. Formic acid, propionic acid and their salts have a strong fungicidal and bactericidal action: they inhibit the growth of fungi, yeasts and pathogenic bacteria (coliform group and Salmonella). The presence of salts of formic and propionic acids reduces the corrosive properties of the additive. Introduction of this additive into the feed and drinking water changes the pH level to 4.2-4.8, which is an important factor in suppressing unwanted microbiological processes. Lupro-Mix NC improves the taste and nutritional value of feeds, which results in increased productivity and livability of poultry.


Propionic acid – 38%

Formic acid – 34%

Ammonia – 8%

Water to 100%

Dry feed: 3-10 l/ton
Drinking water: 1.5-2.5 l/ton
BASF, Germany
1,000 l IBC

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