Biased Ultra

Biased Ultra

Complex feed acidifier with antibacterial effect . Composed of: formic, propionic, lactic acid, ammonium formate, ammonium propionate, vermiculite and diatomite

Biased Ultra has a beneficial effect on the microflora, and works synergistically with probiotics. Therefore, it is recommended to combine this product with probiotics.

Formic acid and its ammonium formate salt provide antibacterial effect when feeding animals and poultry. It preserves the nutritional value, is easily digested, is an additional source of energy, changes the composition of the intestinal microflora in a positive way.

Propionic acid and ammonium propionate inhibit the growth and development of yeast and bacteria.

Lactic acid is very important for piglets, it provides the production of lactic acid bacteria and quickly reduces the pH level in the intestine, which prevents the growth and development of pathogens, reduces intestinal infection with bacteria of the genus Clostridia.v

Vermiculite and Diatomite are optimal components-fillers for moisture retention and activation of organic acids in the small intestine.

  • improve immunity
  • increases average daily gain
  • reduces the case
  • it has an anti-stress effect
  • increases the energy value of feed

Input rate: 1-3 kg/ton

Packing: 25 kg bags

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