This year Fidimport Company celebrates its tenth birthday!

" Grain - Compound Feed - Veterinary Medicine - 2020 "

This year Fidimport Company celebrates its tenth birthday! Thanks to cooperation with world producers of feed components, Fidimport successfully introduces new technologies and innovative products for farm animals and poultry.
Within the framework of the exhibition “Grain-Feed- Veterinary Medicine-2020”, the company presented a new multicomponent enzyme Luminase 5500 XP, optimized specifically for the feed base of Russia. Lumis has revolutionized the feed industry by offering a product that includes various enzymes of bacterial and plant origin. Therefore, Lumina for 5500 HP works effectively in conditions of a wide range of temperatures and pH levels, is active against various sources of starch and energy, allows you to reduce the cost of feed.
Fidimport company continues to successfully sell the feed additive Enerfat, manufactured by EJ BIO, Korea, on the Russian market. Enerfat – calcium salts of fatty acids WITHOUT SMELL! Enerfat is a high—energy feed additive made from purified, bleached, deodorized palm oil of food grade. The product is used to ensure the health of farm animals and poultry, improve reproduction indicators, increase milk yields and average daily weight gain, compensates for energy deficiency in the body. The digestibility of the Enerfat product in the digestive tract of the animal reaches 97%, which significantly reduces the cost of its use compared to analogues.
As in previous years, the results of the use of the mycotoxin adsorbent Novazil Plus in Russia (produced by BASF, Germany), which confidently occupies a significant market share of imported adsorbents, steadily growing from year to year, were summed up. Novazil Plus has become widely known and has found its regular customers — the leading premix and feed mills in Russia. The effectiveness of using the product in dairy livestock complexes was especially highly appreciated: specialists of the enterprises note a noticeable improvement in the quality of milk, strengthening the immunity of animals, and an overall improvement in production indicators.
Close cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers using the most modern technologies, extensive experience of the company’s employees guarantee our partners impeccable quality and reliability of supplies.
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