Liquid acid detergent for the dairy and food industries.



Liquid acid detergent for the dairy and food industries.

Product advantage:

• removes calcium deposits and protein residues

• multiple use of the cleaning solution is possible



Appearance: colorless liquid

Solubility: at 20°C mixed with water in any relationship

Density: 1.435 g/cm3 g/cm3 (20°C)

Store at: 0°C to +35°C

The acidity of the product: 11.6 mg NaOH/g

Foaming: does not foam above + 25°C; can be used in CIP cleaning systems

Working solution: PH value: 1.7 (1 % solution, 20°C, deionized water)

Specific electrical conductivity 6.85 mS/cm (1 % solution, 20°C, deionized water)

Material compatibility: chrome-Nickel steel and standard most commonly used plastics are not affected Under recommended conditions of use.

Application: Cleaning of equipment for the heating of milk

Washing of pipelines, steel oil-making equipment, cheese molds, containers for storage and transportation of products.General washing at milk processing plants and other food processing plants