Гепатрон 85 % - используется в качестве эффективной замены метионина и холина.

Propylene Glycol, min. 99.5 %

Propylene glycol is used as a feed additive aimed at maintaining and increasing blood glucose level in lactating animals, reducing energy deficiency, it prevents the development of ketosis, leads to an increase in milk yield, fat and protein content in milk, prevents weight loss, and has an antiseptic property.


  • Replenishing a lack of energy in the diet of lactating cows
  • Increasing milk yield, fat and protein content in milk
  • Fast and complete digestion in rumen
  • Reduction of the cost of feed
  • Prevention and treatment of ketosis
  • Maintaining the balance of cations and anions
  • Reducing the service period

Dosage: from 100 to 250 g per head a day

Storage conditions: in a dry, cool place (up to +25°С)

Expiration date: liquid propylene glycol – 1 year from the date of manufacture

Packing: 215 kg drums

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