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Is it worth paying more?

For preparation of recipes and feed production, many companies use reference nutritional data ignoring the laboratory data for the newly received basic raw materials. Typically, actual levels of protein, crude ash, fat, fiber, calcium and phosphorus deviate from the reference data by ± 15%. It is also necessary to consider the amino acid composition which may vary in proportion to the nutritional values.

As a result, the use of such recipes may lead to the following: 

  1. The recipe is cheap, but the poultry does not get the necessary nutrients for normal development.
  2. The recipe is expensive, but the rearing figures have not increased. 

To solve this problem, the company’s employees usually increase the content of protein and metabolizable energy in the feed. The cost of feed in this case increases, but the profitability goes down.

Feedimport experts offer a solution to this problem. They correct the nutritional value of the formulation in view of the laboratory data of the newly received raw materials including the amino acid composition. This, ultimately, makes it possible not only to increase the poultry rearing efficiency, but also to significantly reduce the cost of feed.

For example, the lysine content in wheat varies from 0.27% to 0.52%, which is 70 rubles per one ton of feed. After adjusting the nutritional value of all components, the difference can be very significant. On average, savings will be up to 1,000 Rubles per 1 ton of ready feed.

Feedimport specialists develop diets based on the capacity of your company’s raw materials base with a view to increase the performance and economic efficiency of poultry rearing.

Our qualified employees have practical experience in the industry. Technological support of Feedimport LLC will enable your company to optimize the finished goods production cost.

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