Protected fat ENERFAT


Protected fat ENERFAT is a feed additive to improve the productivity of farm animals, including birds. Consists of components of plant origin. Contains: a mixture of calcium fatty acids of palm oil – at least 84%. Fatty acids are a source of energy, increase the digestible energy of diets, increase the milk production of cows, normalize body weight, and improve the reproduction of farm animals, including birds. ENERFAT helps to increase the average daily gain in live weight of animals and birds, reduce feed conversion, increases milk yield and fat content in the milk of lactating cows.


  • Premium Premium Protected Fat – Food Grade Palm Oil Used
  • Excellent eatability – no bad smell at all
  • Improves reproduction rates – does not contain trans fats, contains about 50% unsaturated fatty acids
  • High digestibility – over 90%
  • Increase in energy and milk yield
  • Fertility improvement
  • Reduced Acidosis Risk
  • Improving the fatness of the animal


palmitic acid 42-48%

oleic acid 34-39%

stearic acid 3-4.5%

linoleic acid 9-12%

myristic acid 0.5-1.5%

calcium – 6-7%

moisture 1-10%.

GMO free

Input Rate: 0,2-3 %

Manufacturer: EJ BIO, Корея

Release form:

Packing: Paper bags 20 kg
Expiration date: 24 months from the date of production